Paint removal and gear failure

I got quite a bit done today, until my sander packed up.  The foot of the sander is supposed to vibrate vigorously, and therefore remove paint when in contact with the work surface.  However, there came a time when the foot simply spun as fast as the motor would turn it – it’s not actually supposed to spin like that – and it stopped vibrating.  Now it’s simply a circular sander.  The sander was squealing, and I knew the bearings were complaining, but I thought I would get a little more time out of it than I did.  I will take it apart tomorrow and see if I can rescue the seized bearings and get a little more work out of it.

Failed sander

Paint removal progress

One other piece of gear failure – the elastic on my respirator jammed and I had to cut one of the straps to get the thing off my neck.  New elastic tomorrow.

Wimpy, jammed elastic

Probably two more sanding sessions and I’ll be done with the port side.  However, this includes the most difficult part – underneath the stern counter.  Sanding that part will make my arms fall off.

Stern counter

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