Cat Lover

I have a confession to make.  I’m a cat lover.  I do love kitties – house pets, that is – but I really love cat boats.    I mean it.  I think they are the coolest looking boats on the water – especially the gaffers. Here’s what I mean:

Photographed a couple of years ago when on vacation in Cape Cod. Is that cool, or what?

Check out the shape of the deckhouse sides.  Look at the oval-shaped cockpit set into the squared-off stern section.  Check out the sweep of that sheer line, and its echo in the edge of the coach roof.  And the coach roof with just the right amount of camber, detailed with the beautiful wooden hatches.  It’s just a beautiful set of lines.  This particular boat is a stunning example of the species, but almost all cat boats look cool to me.  I love the traditional New England cats, and I love the idea of fleets of Beetle Cats racing.  What a wonderful boat, the Beetle Cat.

Open day-sailor: The Beetle Cat

There is a cat boat in the marina just down the street from our house:

Too bad the finger pier is in the way. Same characteristics as above – almost the same color scheme too.

Here are some details to admire:

I love how the sheer sweeps up and meets at the bow with a nearly plumb stem

Wood-shelled blocks for the main sheet and a bronze traveler bar

Stern lifting slightly to finish, and the big barn door rudder

The first boat is wood, and so is the Beetle Cat pictured above.  This boat (above) is glass.  I prefer the wood, but that doesn’t make the glass boat any less beautiful.

This is a watercolor sketch my wife did of that same boat – we share the same love of cats boats.

Ruth used this sketch, plus a few other studies to paint this next picture of the same boat:

This painting took some planning and study. Ruth made no fewer than 3 different studies and sketches before painting this version.

Oh – I also like real cats.  I mean, kitty-cats.  And somehow, all the cats I encounter know it.  Somehow they know I have a sympathetic bent where cats are concerned, and they come to me.  When a cat won’t go to anyone else, they’ll usually come to me.  I know – weird.

Here kitty…

We don’t own a cat.  In fact, we won’t own a cat, or any other pet.  They’re too restrictive.  They need too much, and they interfere with traveling, and we don’t want the restriction.  So we content ourselves with enjoying other people’s cats.  And cat boats…

What’s your favorite sailboat?


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