Gear Resurrected

Sander Restorative

I tried to take apart my sander that quit, only to find out that the central axle screw which holds the shaft and bearings together wouldn’t budge.  After buying a new sander, I realized that it too was slowing down and beginning to squeal.  The dust created by bottom paint is very fine, and apparently, it doesn’t clear the bearings very well on this make of sander.  So I had a thought:  what would happen if I sprayed lubricant into the bearing race of the old sander?  What have I got to lose?  After 5 minutes of spraying and manipulating, I restored the sander’s motion to functionality.  Another 5 minutes of operation and it was slowing down again…  But I repeated the spray procedure, and it stayed loose and functional after that.  Success!  So now I have an extra sander – for any friend who would like to help!

I also discovered that the new sander I bought – the exact same model as the one that quit – requires a different sized star driver to disassemble!  So to keep the new going, I had to buy a different screw driver.  Who knew?

Why would they change the size?

New elastic brought my respirator to better-than-new condition.  It fits far better with the new elastic, and I can actually remove it now without destroying the straps or my head.  $3 at Joann Fabrics.

New elastic does wonders for wearability.

Oh yeah – I actually got most of the port side sanded today too.   A small patch at the stern and the port side of the rudder, then I can  begin on the starboard side.

Port side almost done

Sorry for the glare in that photo (pesky sun).  I’ve become concerned with the amount of sanding dust I get on me.  Although I wear long sleeves, long trousers, and wear a respirator, still get it all over my hands, in my hair, and all around my eyes.  I have a coverall sanding suit with a hood that I will also wear, and sanding goggles from now on.  No sense in poisoning myself.



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