Creek-side Bay-side

No boat work today.  That’s scheduled for tomorrow.  I spent most of the morning photographing my wife’s art, but was only able to keep half the images.  I’m still learning how to do this, so I make mistakes that don’t show up until I upload them to the computer for editing.  If they are out of focus, all the “sharpening” in the world isn’t going to fix it, so I deleted all of those.  You would think in the age of autofocus that this wouldn’t be a problem.  AF doesn’t really work for photographing art at this quality level, so I just need to learn where to focus each painting, and what detail to look at while I’m doing it.

We took a walk in the late afternoon and I caught a few images – again, about half were out of focus, but I still got some that are interesting enough to share.  First is from our side of the water, looking just past our house over the creek.

Spring in February

The next photo was taken a mile from our house on the bay-side of the creek – just east of where we live.  Swans winter over in this area and canvas the waterfront for food.

Swan fleet

I was late afternoon and the light was that golden yellow.


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