Antifouling Paint Removal Continued

No matter how you sand, scrape, strip or slice it, this is just a lot of work.  I’m taking off the top 4 layers (or so) of paint – it’s all the black stuff.  There are actually more layers of paint at the water line, leading edge of the keel, skeg and rudder because these are the areas that accumulate growth faster.  Where the black paint is only four layers, it comes off pretty quickly.

Black paint abatement program

I managed to sand off about 2 linear feet of hull today in 1.25 hours.  Still pecking away at it. Fortunately this still mid-February and I have a lot time before launch.

A few tools of the trade pictured below:  Sander, shopvac, and respirator.  They must all be used for obvious reasons.

Tools for avid boaters

Tool for self-preservation


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