Semi-Annual Dinghy Refit

Every couple of years, my old plywood dinghy begins to look sad. Paint faded and cracked, bottom scraped where I’ve dragged it up on a pier or a beach, firehose coming unlashed from the gunnels. That means it’s time to bring a little respectability back to the dinghy. . .  give her a little love.

Minor projects this time – reglass the bottom around the centerboard trunk opening. It’s been leaking ever since I ran aground a couple of years back.

Glassed all around the trunk and down into the interior.

Cured and Sanded.

There a several places where I’ve worn through the glass on the bottom and shallow cracks are opening up. These need to be reglassed.

Cracks opening where I’ve worn through the glass.

And I’ve relashed the firehose in one section. Finally, new paint will make her look fresh and protect her structure for a couple more years.

Nice new white line.

And while I’m into the epoxy, I might as well fill a couple of opening seams in my tiller prior to refinishing. It won’t hold varnish with those big gaps in the tiller.

I’ve injected thickened epoxy into the seams and clamped around a plastic bag so that my clamps don’t get glued on to the tiller.

Here’s the unclamped tiller.

I hope to finish the glass and sanding today and paint tomorrow.  Got to get her looking good for Memorial Day Cruise!


  1. Eolian said:

    Nicely done Rick!

    No self-respecting boater is without epoxy and fiberglass!

  2. Thx Bob. Continuously surprised at how much time such simple tasks require. Mostly, it’s the multiples steps and waiting for things to cure. Painted out all the white today. Can’t paint the green sheer stripe until the white is cured. Tomorrow we’ll have rain all day. Sat we sail for our Memorial Day meet-up (we’ll be socially keeping our distance. . . So tired of this!).

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