Huge Tide and A Wildlife Visitor

We’ve had a giant blob of rain and wind pass through our area dropping about an inch of rain water. The accompanying SE wind, blowing at sometimes 20-25 mph, combined with the extra rainfall resulted in a large quantity of water in Rockhold Creek, which is oriented SE to NW. This happens several times per year and the result is super high water.

Check out the water level compared to the finger pier.

Makes it hard to board one’s boat! On the plus side, all the pollen has been freshly scrubbed from the air, and we can breathe easier. The down side is that all the pollen is now in the creek and bay, and the water is absolutely opaque from runoff. No visibility at all.

We had a visitor swim through the marina too. This is a bad, fuzzy couple of photos but I couldn’t resist posting them.

What you can’t see clearly, is that Mr. Otter is munching down on a fish he just caught. Poor visibility in the water didn’t seem to affect his ability to catch dinner.

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