Spring is Sprung

Ah yes – the signs of Spring. Warmer temperatures, copious rain, budding leaves, crocuses, trees leafing out, and people in boat yards getting ready for the boating season.

Scuffed and sanded – all that sanding dust is in my shop vac now.

I love the smell of anti-fouling paint in the Spring time!

Some of the keen-eyed among you might notice a change of color for the bottom paint this year. This is as a result of deep research and scientific investigation. Following my deep look into bottom paint color, I went to the store and got blue, because they didn’t have the same red color that I really wanted. Oh well. . .

I launch this Tuesday, then begin the other ritual of Spring – cleaning the boat so we can standing being on board. Four months of winter storage and closed-upped-ness affords the perfect environment for the growth of mold and mildew. That must be eradicated before any cruising can take place.

I also have a slate of projects for this year. Some new-to-me items that have come into my possession for installation include a hardshell case for our Lifesling MOB system, and an older GPS chartplotter. That, combined with the usual round of re-varnishing and cleaning should keep me busy while the virus keeps us all at home. Luckily, COVID-19 doesn’t affect sailing or cruising, since we don’t normally come in close contact with anyone else while doing so. Come to think of it, that is often one of the main attractions of cruising!

  1. Elizabeth said:

    Good thing you did all that research!

    The kids can’t wait to sail with you … hopefully late summer!!!

  2. Tyler M said:

    Hi there! My wife and I just bought our first boat, a 1981 Watkins 27 here in Corpus Christi Texas. We are proud to be joining the sailing community and excited to get our hands dirty with boat ownership and maintenance. She’s in good condition today considering her age, but we have a long list of improvements we will be tackling right off the bat.
    First thing is replacing the portlights, since the plastic is very brittle and many of them are broken. I’m looking on Pompanette for the new versions today, since I’ve read in a couple of places they’re available there.
    Trying not to get too far ahead of ourselves with the refit and staying excited about the process. Can’t wait to hit the water this season as proud Watkins owners!

    • Congratulations Tyler! I’m sure the Pompanette ports are still available. I’ve replaced all my ports because, as you’ve observed, the plastic doesn’t last forever and UV makes them brittle. This is an important first step, because you can’t keep the boat dry inside without ports that seal. When rain water gets in it rots the cabinetry. Have a wonderful time bringing her back into great sailing shape!

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