Painting done, and She’s Back in the Slip

I sanded smooth the first batch of fairing compound on the port side, and did the same with a couple of other smaller areas, then refilled the same area (port side) with another batch of compound to bring all the repairs up to surface level – and picked up the scratches that I missed the first time.

Thought I would add this photo of the sheer in sunny conditions. You can really see how well the paint leveled out.

I resanded the filled areas, and repainted the repairs, then added a second coat to the repaired areas again yesterday. Now the sheer has two finish coats of paint. I began the painstaking task of pulling tape – I don’t know what I was thinking when I used the blue painter’s tape. The difficulty of removal just isn’t worth the $5 I save by using the cheap stuff. I had to leave a couple areas taped on the rub rail, as I couldn’t peel them off easily, and the paint was still too fresh to work on it without marring the finish.

Finished repair and two coats of paint.

And today the boat yard launched Cay of Sea – Nice to have her back in her slip!

Home for the season.

  1. If not the blue tape, Rick, what do you use?

    • Bob, I honestly don’t remember the brand or product number. I just remember thinking it was pretty pricey for masking tape, but I also remember buying it (several years ago) because I knew the tape would be in place for several days. It pulled easily, and after my most recent experience struggling with masking tape, whatever it costs, it’s worth it. For some reason “fineline” seems to resonate in my memory.

    • Yep. Looking forward to it. We’ll be on the water for two weeks in June.

  2. Nice Job Rick!, You guys reading to Deltaville this year?

    • Yes, we’ll be there 2-4 June, but we’ll be driving in. Crunched for time again this year, so we need to take a faster vessel – our car! Hope to see you, if you are in the area.

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