Stripes! Sheer and Boot

I’ve been lucky with weather for a couple of days, and I’ve been able to prep, tape, repair and paint both stripes. I completed the touch-up on the boot stripe yesterday, after painting the entire area on Saturday.

2017-03-27 17.09.22

As it turns out, boot stripes are really hard to photograph. It may look a bit hazy, but that lighter area you see on the stripe is a reflection of the ground.

I’ve been using Pettit Easy Poxy topside paint (Forest Green) for the bootstripe for several years, and I’m very pleased with the ease of application and the amazingly smooth and glossy finish. The paint levels out very well and leaves a very shiny appearance.

The sheer stripe was a bit harder to prep and repair, if only because it was all done standing on a ladder. The old 2-part polyurethane paint had started cracking chipping in a few places – possibly where that part of the gunwale took a hit against a piling, or some such thing. Regardless, I dug out the spider cracks, eased the edges of the chips, and filled with epoxy fairing compound.

Cracks enlarged and filled.

I also touched up the bottom paint along the waterline, some chips here and there, etc. Next session of work, I’ll sand all of that smooth, fine-sand the first coat, then repaint the entire sheer stripe.

Here’s a photo of the first coat of paint on the sheer stripe. Sorry about the ladder.

A couple more days of work, and I’ll be ready for launch.



  1. Alan V said:

    Rick, thanks for the great articles and for tacking the tough jobs and then writing about them so thoroughly. I would not have attempted half the things i have done with my W 27 if you hadn’t done them first! I am thinking of doing the sheer stripe on my boat this year and i was wondering how much paint you estimated for the job? My paint is in pretty good shape (just faded) so I was planning on just one coat unless the manufacturer recommends two. I came up with about 40 sq ft. for the sheer stripe wrapping the entire boat. Sound about right? Thanks!

    • Thanks for the nice comments, Alan. You will use ‘way less than a quart of paint for one time around the sheer. If you bought a pint (providing your paint is available in that quantity), you would still have some left over, depending on what paint you use. The Pettit Easy Poxy that I use is pretty thin stuff, so it goes a long way. I would plan on applying two coats – I think you will get a deeper gloss that way, and if you burn through the old paint in any place during sanding, you will definitely need more than one coat, at least in those places. It’s a good idea to wet-sand between coats with #400. Don’t worry, the wet sanding goes really fast. You’ll spend more time moving the ladder than sanding 😉.

  2. Alan V said:

    Thanks for the pointers. I haven’t figured out which paint i am going to use yet, that is on this weekend’s list but i have read some good reviews about the Pettit so that is definitely on the list. I live in New Jersey and usually i am on the Raritan bay and up and down the coast a bit.

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