Photo Caption Contest Winners

And the winner is. . . – actually, there are five winners – I couldn’t narrow it down any farther, because I liked all of the entries.

So, if the following bloggers will email their postal address, I’ll send you each a box of Ruth’s cards of “Bury the Rail.”

You can send mail to me privately at

– Mr. Anonymous (obviously, I don’t know who you are:) for “Ok, everybody go Vrooom Vrooom while steer”
– Donna Wadsley bayphotosbydonna: “Ugh….Rick did promise crabs and beer when we’re done, right??”
– Tom Ward: “OK, she’s rolling good. Pop the clutch!”
– Bob Salnick: All of the entries were really funny!
– thecoastalfamilyblog: “Well, this is the last time I volunteer to help someone “move””


From July 25 2014: From my wife’s studio – one of my favorites – “Bury the Rail!” watercolor, 4.5″ x 6.75″


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