Installation Complete: Prop Shaft and Coupling

No current photos today (I forgot the camera). For images you look at the image below (from last session) and imagine the coupling halves matching perfectly.

Photo of misaligned coupling.  Imagine them meeting perfectly, and that's our image for the day.

Photo of misaligned coupling. Imagine them meeting perfectly, and that’s our image for the day.

As I suspected, once I pulled the hose off of the shaft log and stuffing box, the coupling aligned perfectly, just as it had two years ago – and why not? Replacing one straight shaft with another shouldn’t change the alignment at all. It took maybe an hour to do the work, including installing the two bolts that secure the coupling to the shaft, and the four bolts that join the coupling halves. I also torqued down the set screw.

I use nyloc nuts on the coupling and split washers under the nuts on collar of the coupling. Everything was covered with a coating of the same water-proof grease used in the shaft-coupling joint, so two years from now, when I disassemble it again for service, it will again come apart without a fight.

Okay – next pre-launch task is to apply dabs of thickened epoxy in a couple places below the waterline where the gel coat chipped, then apply a fresh coat of Hydrocoat.


  1. Johadel said:

    Getting close! I’d be willing to bet that the anticipation of launch day is driving you crazy! Good luck with the rest of your pre-launch tasks: May they all go smoothly!

    • Hey Joe. Yes, looking forward to wrapping up the yard phase this year. I keeping having to dodge weather and personal commitments to find the time. All ready to paint the boot stripe, now. Just need a couple of hours in two different days to get it done.

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