Eyebrow Trim Reinstalled

Finally. But. . .  I’ve been out-of-town. The weather’s been uncooperative. I ran out of gas. The dog ate it. Well. . .  chose the excuse you like best. Regardless, I got it almost complete today, and managed to clean the gutters and rake a lot of leaves too.

Truthfully, my initiative has sagged when all other factors were right. When I got going, it was a relatively easy task, except for cleaning up the caulk: I made my usual incredible mess with it.

I cleaned up the old caulk from the mounting area with a rag, Goof Off solvent (which smells suspiciously like toluene), and a putty knife. The Goof Off softened the old caulk, which allowed me to scrape it off. Then I wiped the residue with a solvent soaked rag, which finished the cleaning job.

I taped off the area to be caulked, then applied Boat Life polysulfide (mahogany/teak colored) caulk to the area. I set the screws into the trim before spreading the caulk so as to minimized time and opportunity for making an even bigger mess.


Tools and materials. Trash can is essential to capture all the caulk-smeared paper towels.


Taped off and ready for caulk.


First piece mounted, plugs set in varnish.

I ran into an unexpected issue. I had measured the fastener holes as 5/16, and deepened them slightly. I ordered a 5/16 plug cutter, but when I tried that sized plug in a fastener hole, it was too small. And 3/8 was too big. I re-milled all the holes to 3/8, and that worked out well, for the most part. These are old trim pieces that have been through 34 years of who-knows-what. So two of the holes were too big to really hold a plug. I’ll have to do something special with those, I guess. Regardless, I installed all the trim on the starboard side, and all but two plugs.  I’ll leave them a couple of days to give the varnish/glue ample time to cure – we’re into the 30s and 40s overnight, and 50s during the day, so it may take a few days for the plugs to stick well. Then I’ll trim them and spot-Cetol the plugs.


I lightened these photos quite a bit, as it was drawing towards sunset when I finished. We had a real masterpiece this evening as the sun went down.

DSC_4935 (1)



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