Charter Your Boat?

Have you ever considered letting someone use your boat for a week, or a weekend? Does thinking of that make you anxious? Ruth and I gave her brother and his wife a week’s charter on our boat for Christmas a while back. It’s taken a year or two for our schedules to align so that it can happen, but finally the stars arranged correctly, and they will cruise our boat for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. I’ve been busy making sure nothing can go wrong during their charter, but I’ve also prepared a couple of documents for them to reference. While we are never farther way than the phone, cell coverage can be sketchy and every boater likes to be self-sufficient. With that in mind, I’ve assembled an inventory of each locker detailing tool location, spares, supplies, and every need for the cruising sailor aboard Cay of Sea. I’ve also compiled a set of operating procedures for quick reference.  I’m confident they will have no problems, but you never know. . .  it’s always best to be ready. Of course, I’ll give them a tour and operations brief, but if I were on the receiving end, I’d forget half of it.  It’s a comfort to have the reference docs at hand.

I thought you’d like to see them, so I’ve posted them below.

Cay of Sea Operating Instructions

Cay of Sea locker inventory

I’ll print two versions of the inventory for them: one sorted under location, and one sorted under item.

  1. Wonderful idea Rick. Every boat should have this, charter or no. Oh, and we don’t.

    • I’ve been feeling this for a couple of years. Every time I look for something I know is on board but can’t find. . . but mostly, it will help our brother and his wife operate the boat. Fortunately, my brother-in-law is brilliant, and has far more than his share of common sense, so the operation piece will be no challenge. Finding things where my cluttered mind thinks they should be stored would be a big question mark, though.

  2. How nice it would be to get a comprehensive document from the PO with every new-to-me boat purchase. Alas…

    I think I will vow to start on one now. Someday my daughter will want to take it out. Someday I will sell it. In my case there is a substantial owners manual that I should convert to text as a starting point. There is much detail to add!

    • My boat came with a plastic box that contained all of the manuals for the add-on components: electronics, marine toilet, roller furling, etc. It also came with a check list for engine start-up and safety considerations that a previous owner had drafted. Not too much beyond that, though. We just had to figure it out: reefing lines were missing, all kinds of random junk left on board. Rigging was confusing. The basics were pretty good, but she was down on her heels and rapidly descending into a mess when we picked her up, signaling the kind of care she’d had for a few years prior to the beginning of our ownership.

  3. Mike said:

    Great idea. My only suggestion would be to sort the locker list alphabeticaly.(sp). It’s a lot easier to find something if you can go to the items name and then see where it is located. Rather than having to go through the whole list.

    • Yes. I’ll sort the list by item alphabetically as well and include in the binder.

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