Fellow Blogger Met At Last

We spent our last two nights on the water far up Harris Creek in a cove we’ve come to refer to as “Drew’s Cove.” About a year ago, in response to one of my posts about an over-night in Dun Cove, fellow blogger and almost-neighbor Drew Frye commented that there was another unnamed cove further north on Harris Creek that was virtually unvisited by other yachts. Our usual stopping off place once through the Narrows is Dun Cove. We like Dun Cove very much, as do many other people, for its spacious anchorage, good holding, and convenience to the Narrows – 45 minutes north of the Narrows, it’s an obvious and pleasant place to anchor en route to the Choptank (east) or from the Choptank heading west. However, if you are looking for seclusion, Dun Cove is not the place to find it. Please excuse me if I don’t publish the location of Drew’s Cove to the entire Chesapeake Bay community of cruising boaters.

Anyway, thanks Drew, for alerting us to the knowledge of this cove – Drew’s Cove. Give his blog a visit at sail-delmarva.blogspot.com

We arrived at Drew’s Cove fairly early in the day, having left Knapps Narrows Marina late in the morning. We were anchored and in full relaxing mode down below through the afternoon when we heard a voice outside: “Hello…!” I was so surprised to hear a voice. We emerged from below and found this man in an inflatable dinghy, who introduced himself – the very man himself, Drew Frye. We had not even been aware of him entering the cove and anchoring. I was surprised and delighted to finally meet him. Drew, an engineer, has written several articles for Practical Sailor magazine. His articles and blog posts are full of testing data about cruising materials, gear, and techniques that enhance and inform the cruising life.

Drew's ship - himself, a dedicated multihull sailor. Photo by Ruth Bailey.

Shoal Surviver – Drew’s ship – himself, a dedicated multihull sailor. Photo by Ruth Bailey.

  1. So cool to meet a fellow blogger! I’ve met one on the Western Shore so far. :-)

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