Sunday Sailing

The weather seemed iffy. Strong winds and cloudy from our vantage point on the creek. It promised to be a blustery sail, but we were deceived by the land breeze. Out on the bay it was perfect: 8-10 knots of SW breeze made for smooth sailing in the lee of the southwestern shore of Herring Bay. Many clouds frowned by, but none were sad enough to cry, leaving only shadows for contrasty photos with nice backdrops.



Ms C, a saucy little cat boat strutted by, showing us all sides of her figure.


A good view of her stern quarter, and the nice sweep of her sheer evident along the port side.


Close on board we can see the crew having a great time. . . and wondering why Ruth is taking so many photos of them. Can’t help it. We’re suckers for cat boats.


The skipper’s pretty relaxed today, though looking older than that guy I saw in the mirror this morning.

There were many boats out today – mostly sailboats, for obvious reasons. We enjoyed the parade of sails. The moderate breezes and temperatures made for a perfect two hours on the water, and after 8.16 nautical miles, we were back in our slip tying up.

  1. Mike said:

    Thanks for sharing todays sail. The cat boat you had the photos of looks like Herrshoffs America. A nice if memory serves 21 foot catboat I lusted for but could not afford. Am I right?

    • Mike, I really don’t know. We could only see it from a certain distance, and I am not that familiar with the Herrshoff catboat to which you are referring. However, I bet you can find an image of it on line and compare it with the photos posted here today.

      • Mike said:

        I did a quick search per your suggestion and I think your photos are of the America. Sweet.

      • Just looked her up myself, and I believe you’re right.

  2. Johadel said:

    Sounds like a great day, and very poetically written. I am jealous as I sit here on a rainy, 60 degree, Ohio morning!

    • Thanks Joe. Wish you could have been with us. Actually, you can! Just let us know when you want to visit and go sailing.

      • Johadel said:

        This summer has been taken up with taking care of Cathy’s mom. She fell and broke her left arm and wrist. Likely, next summer we may take you up on that offer. We have relatives all up and down the eastern seaboard and are hoping to make a tour and see as many as we can. It would be nice to include a visit with you and Ruth!

      • That would be awesome! Hope Cathy’s mom is improving.

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