Inside Transoms Glassed

I finished the very little bit of paint removal required to glass the inside of the transoms, vacuumed the surfaces, and wiped down with acetone. With surfaces ready, I mixed my epoxy and painted the bare wood with resin so that the glass fabric would stick to the resin on the upright-angled surfaces. I set the glass cloth into the sticky resin and worked out as smoothly as possible with my hands. With a chip brush, I thoroughly wet out the cloth, taking care to use enough resin to side-step any voids.

This is a pretty ugly photo – just not a very attractive subject.

Pretty gnarly looking.  I'm not glassing the area below the seats.

Pretty gnarly looking. I’m not glassing the area below the seats.

I cut the green-cured excess glass off with my pocket knife. I managed to get the second coat of resin applied today as well – the work area was in direct sunshine and the resin cured quickly. Looks like I’ll be using an epoxy undercoat on the seats – I’ve already dripped and wiped some off the seats – may as well fully coat them when the time time comes for finish work.


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