Scenes From An Evening Sail

Brilliant evening sail.  Poor camera-phone photos - trying to restore the yellow early evening light, and stopped paying attention to the blue.  Now it's very blue!

Brilliant evening sail. Poor camera-phone photos – trying to restore the yellow early evening light, and stopped paying attention to the blue. Now it’s very blue!

The sky wasn’t quite that blue this evening, but light on the white surfaces was that lovely yellow-tinted low sun angle hue.  Very moderate breeze – we drifted along between 1 – 2.5 knots.

2015-04-28 19.32.48 (1) 2015-04-28 19.54.17 (1)

A couple of sunset photos – both of them edited for level and color correction.  It really was a beautiful evening.

I’m learning how to manage hank-on sails again.  You would think this low-tech stuff would be a no-brainer, but it’s not.  Paying attention to the lines, position of the sheets when dropping the foresail – all of this is a big change from roller furling. I’m not regretting my change to hank-on, but I am recognizing that roller-furling was a lot less work.  On the other hand, I spent thousands less for a bare headstay than a new roller furling unit.  And, the hank-on sails won’t jam.

  1. Great photos, Rick. Thanks for sharing. And great info since I’m about to try out my new hank-ons on my new cutter stay. Now I’ll know it’s not just me.

    • Thanks. I was surprised at the amount of forethought required to manage the sails safely and effectively.

  2. Boy do I agree Rick, about the iPhone camera screwing up the color balance. The automatic white balance is brutal in its quest for 18% gray. And the editing tools in IOS 8.2 are just not up to the task of fixing what the AWB destroyed. FWIW, I have had better luck with an alternative camera app: http:// It allows you to, for example, point the camera at some green grass and then lock the AWB. Then looking at a sunset, it gives much more realistic colors.

    And I’m jealous – we’re still tied to the dock, waiting for a little warmer weather.

    s/v Eolian

    • Well, I’m an Android guy, but I’ve been impressed with the iPhone photos – but then again, I’m not the user, just the viewer, so I wouldn’t know what the photographer saw. I can usually get a pretty good image from my phone if I massage it enough in an editor. I just forgot to watch the rest of the color balance as I adjusted for the yellow in the sunlight.

      We are barely ahead of you in weather. This has been the longest, coldest spring in anyone’s recent memory, and this past winter set records for the amount of ice on the bay. In the months of Jan, Feb and March Maryland DNR ran an icebreaker through the shipping channel from Baltimore south, and regularly cleared channels at Kent Narrows. Tangier Sound was blocked and the islanders ice bound for a while this year. Global warming here we come!

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