Update: Steaming Lamp/Deck Lamp Guard

I did an image search with a couple variables for search words and came up with the Forespar Mast Light Guard. It serves the same function as the lamp guard I fabricated and installed two days ago. Here’s an image from Defender.com:

Forespar Mast Light Guard

Forespar Mast Light Guard

I like the design, and I like the fact that it’s one piece. I think halyards will role right off of it with no problems. However, I don’t like the $46 price tag. Of course, it’s stainless where mine is aluminum, but I’m having a difficult time understanding how this will do a better job than what I fabricated. I’m happy with my $10 steaming lamp/deck lamp guard.


Finally, I’m not susceptible to 2nd thoughts.  No, I’m often overwhelmed by them. 3rd, 4th, and 5th thoughts as well.  So when my wife mentioned my last use of zip ties in rigging (click here to read) and it’s failure to stand the test of time and UV exposure, I said yeah. . . think I’ll go tie them together with stainless wire.  While I was doing that, I also put a flat and split washer underneath each screw head on the port-starboard oriented rod.  Now if there is any movement up and down, it won’t work the screws loose. This is the place that I appreciate the one-piece construction of the Forespar product – it won’t move under the fasteners, and of course, there is no need for a link to hold elements together.

Here you can see the stainless wire in lieu of the zip tie.  Note also the washers under the screw at the bottom of the photo.

Here you can see the stainless wire in lieu of the zip tie. Note also the washers under the screw at the bottom of the photo.

  1. Rick, looks like you have it covered. I like yours better. I think it protects better than the Forespar. Thanks for the update.

  2. Also, I looked at the dimensions at: http://www.forespar.com/products/sail-light-guard.shtml and it probably wouldn’t fit our Hellas that are longer than the aquasignals it’s shown with. The small/lower end of the unit might also be too short/low to properly fit over the steaming light end. I believe ours would at best stick out by 4 inches which sort of ruins some of the protection value. I like the stainless, but I think you did fine.

    • I hadn’t looked at the dimensions of the Forespar product, but I think you’re right: It wouldn’t fit, or wouldn’t offer enough protection. Thanks for the kind words, Greg.

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