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Though I’ve worked all day today, I don’t have many photos to show for it.  Except for this one, of the boat’s topsides freshly waxed.

Can't really see much shine in this photo, but it looks a lot better than before waxing.

Can’t really see much shine in this photo, but it looks a lot better than before waxing.

This tired Awl-gripped hull needed something. It’s got about 13 years on this paint job, and it’s decidedly dull, so the wax really restored a good bit of shine to the paint.  I did NOT use Awlcare. I didn’t see the sense in spending that kind of money for it, especially considering that she really needs a new paint job anyway.  What’s to pamper?  A dull finish marked with a bunch of nicks and scratches?  No, plain old Turtle Wax auto polish is what she got.  It improved the appearance a good bit, and will help a great deal in resisting brown water staining at the bow.  This only took about an 1.5 hours to apply.  I also used it on the mast.

So, here is the list of tasks done today:

  • Replace water pump impeller
    • I cleaned up the inside of the cover plate too, ensuring a good seal when screwed onto the pump body
  • Reinstalled water pump w/associated hoses, raw water filter, etc..
  • Inspected alternator and pump belts
    • I replaced the pump belt after discovering a crack.  I had a spare on hand, so I’ll need to pick up another one.
    • Also bought and replaced the alternator adjustment bolt with a worn hex head.  Had to disconnect alt for belt removal, inspection, water pump belt replacement
  • Washed and waxed hull
  • Charged batteries
  • Repaired mast wiring after an errant drill hole/event last year nearly severed the cable. I didn’t discover this until last December when prepping for haul out and unrigging the mast. The drill had punctured the cable through a plastic cable support, so the damage was hidden until I took the cable support off. I was drilling a hole through the deck for installing new halyard turning blocks. Here’s a photo of the damage:
This will mean a new piece of wire here.  Not sure if I'll replace then entire length, or just splice in a piece.  This is quite a compromise of the wire, though.

For repair, I snipped the wire in two, stripped the ends, and rejoined them with butt connectors.  Since they are in the cabin and out of the weather, they should be fine.

After all this, I cleaned up the interior of the boat and put things away. I think I got into every locker and pulled stuff out doing these project.  It is amazing to me how quickly and thoroughly I can make a mess inside doing a project.

All that remains is to test the engine, which I will reserve for after launch, and then a list of minor things to do at the pier.  I have yet to purchase a hank-on headsail.  That will mean a trip to Bacon Sails in the near future.

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