Snow On Rockhold Creek

Winter is holding fast this third week of January.  We awoke to snow today, with a good dusting on the frozen creek, piers, and few wintering-over boats at the pier.  Curiously, we also witnessed several working boats pushing through the ice.  One, however, gave up and backed down the semi-clear channel until he had enough room to turn 180 degrees.

Looks cold out there.

Looks cold out there.



  1. Boy it sure has been cold, I think we are definitely ready for a Chesapeake Bay Spring!

    • And it’s cold again today – 17 degrees when I looked out my window at 7:30 this morning. I agree – I’m ready for spring. But then, I was ready for spring in January!


  2. George Wietor said:

    Just found your blog. Impressed by the W27 and the projects on yours. Docked next to one in Northport, Mich.-great boat. My sister and her husband keep a Hunter in Deale. Might visit some day.
    Roger Long has a blog ‘cruising on Strider’ and visits the Bay twice yearly. He designed our boat and his writing is above the average. Now to read through your work.

    • Nice to hear from you, George. Yes, Watkins are a lot of boat for the money. Deale is the perfect home port on the Chesapeake, and maybe the best hurricane hole on the bay. We love living here.

      I’ll check out Roger Long’s blog.

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