Hard Water on Rockhold Creek

I know Maryland isn’t as cold as Minnesota or North Dakota, so perhaps I know nothing about “deep freeze” in the winter up north, but to this born-and-bred Florida boy, the creek freezing over still seems bizarre. Just the idea of having weather cold enough for long enough to make all outside water freeze is still a wonder to me.

For the last several days we’ve had single-digit overnight temperatures. Today, however, we had a heat wave. The thermometer soared to 37 F, with bright sunshine. Still, it wasn’t warm enough to thaw the creek.

frozen creek

  1. Our W 27, “Eclipse” has been embedded in the ice of Billups Creek for the past two days. Thank goodness she has been winterized. I just installed her new galley counter top (looks great). Can’t wait ’til Spring. Dale and I plan to take off for a couple of weeks and go North this time (Rick & Rew expect a visitor). Our boat is doing better than our cottage. Our pipes froze and split open yesterday morning after a tree fell on the power lines. It happened in the wee morning hours when the temperatures were at their lowest,.and we had no heat ’til sunup. Regardless of the adversities life is still good at the Rivah. Can’t wait ’til Raft-Up 2015. Stay warm. Tom & Dale

    • Would love to see photos of the counter top. How did you solve the stainless post dilemma? Knew you were struggling with how to get around it to install the counter.

      Pls stop by and see us if you come north.

      Bummer about your pipes. Didn’t that happen to you last year as well? Makes for a cold day when the power is out.

  2. Look at the positive side of winter and the creek freezing. You could cast with a fishing rod allot farther if you let our bait skip along the ice…
    Ok, so there really isn’t much of a positive side to winter… Except it does slow down the mosquitoes!
    7F feels like -5F here in London Ontario Canada.

    • You’re right about the mosquitos. We have a very cold, very long winter last year, and the bugs were noticeably less annoying last summer.

  3. Got cold here but not cold enough to freeze the water in the Pamlico sound or our creek thankfully. Good thing too. We had a near visit of Katharine the Great White shark (14’2″ and 2300lbs ‘immature’!?!? Ocearch.org) w/in 10 miles of our pier this last Sat. and wouldn’t have known about it since her satellite tag wouldn’t have broken the surface and pinged. And I’ve always worried about bull sharks when diving the hull.
    Stay warm.

    • Fortunately, shark attacks are less likely than lightening strikes, especially if you are not involved in high-risk activities, like surfing in a wet suit in southern California or Australia – even in those places, shark attack isn’t really likely!

      But cold – yes, it’s warmer in NC. We’re still frozen across the creek, even after a day of rain with temps in the mid-30s.

    • Hey neighbor! Beautiful photo. Thanks for looking in. I’m in Hansel’s Marina, across the creek, and my house is the yellow cottage-style house towards the south end of the marina, in front of the bulkhead piers.

      I’ll keep an eye out for you.

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