Spanish Armada?

Well, not really.  But a photo of a replica (how’s that for being pretty far removed?) of a Spanish galleon docked in Annapolis.  It’s great to live near one of the sailing centers of the world – we get to see all kinds of cool ships and boats here.  Anyway, here’s the photo.  This is a composite of 6 separate photos stitched together in Photoshop.


There’s a bit of perspective distortion due to the stitching process (the ends seem to curve up a bit more than they really should).  Shows you how big these ships were – I couldn’t get far enough away from it to get the whole image in my view finder with a 35 mm lens.



  1. Now that is very cool. Is it there just for a visit or long term? We saw the Nina and Pinta replicas when they came to town but they weren’t much compared to that monster.

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