Labor Day Dinghy Tour

It’s a fairly windless day on this Labor Day.  No use trying to sail in light winds, especially with this much power boat traffic: the residual chop from power boats makes sailing on light-air days futile. But it was a great afternoon for rowing around the creek in my dinghy.  I caught a couple of images of things that were interesting to me.

First subject is a new discovery for me on the creek.  I’m pretty familiar with the boats that ply Rockhold Creek, but of course the boat population isn’t static.  Here is a work boat that’s receiving a renewed life if purpose as her owner is significantly replanked her topsides and built a new cabin forward.  Raw lumber at this point, which is necessary as she’s sitting in the slings so the new lumber can swell.  I’m sure she’ll look great with new paint, bootstripe and color scheme. I love seeing the old timbers and new planking next to each other in the same hull.

DSC_3543 DSC_3542 DSC_3541 DSC_3539

This is a working boat, so it appears that the planking is lumber yard stock, not specialized “boat lumber.”  It’s mostly clear of knots, probably pine, and most of it seems to be 1x and 2x or so.  The work is good, and the sprung planks on deck make her look shippy.  There is obviously caulking left to do, as I could see daylight through some of the deck and topside planks, but all in good time.  She looks like a hardworking, seaworthy platform.

Second subject is a yacht that’s parked across the creek from us.  I see this ketch all time in her slip, and her owners often have her out and about as well.

Wooden spars, mahogany or teak cabin – lots of maintenance, but what a beauty.  A boat like that would inspire the owner to work hard and maximize her beautiful lines and finish.

Okay.  I didn’t plan well with my camera, and ran out of battery juice before I took all the photos I wanted, so there will have to be another post like this.



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