Ashore in St Michaels

After a fairly long coffee-drinking morning at anchor, we got under way and traveled the one remaining mile up San Domingo Creek, anchoring again, this time about 400 yards from the public working boat pier. The water is shallow here – we’re anchored in about 4.5 feet of water.  If you can sneak into these shallow depths, San Domingo Creek is a great back door (southern access)  to St. Michaels.  No mooring fees, no boat traffic, no dinghy dock fees (not sure this a regular feature of the north-side St. Michaels harbor anyway).  We rowed into a public park and carried the dink ashore, then walked two blocks into town.

We walked both sides of main street and looked in all the shops that interested us.  We stopped for a half hour while Ruth sketched the lovely old Episcopal Church, and I wandered around the old cemetery. By then it was time for lunch.  We ate at a nice pizzaria where we’ve eaten before (though we actually split a sandwich), then continued on around to the north-side waterfront area (this the main harbor where we didn’t anchor).  There is a very nice maritime museum on the waterfront, but we didn’t go in this time (been there before). Finally made our way back to the park south of town and rowed back to Cay of Sea.

We both practiced dozing in the late afternoon (can never get too much practice), then I stirred myself to scrub the bottom with a long-handled brush while sitting in the dinghy.  This took about an hour, and for some reason was easier than it has been in the past.  Not quite as much slimey growth as I expected.  I guess our vigorous sailing yesterday knocked some of the growth off.

Weather has been stunning.  A brilliant cool day with clear skies and moderate breezes.  After all of our rainy weather cruising this year, the nice weather is a welcome change.


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