Does this look like Frank’s boat?

I thought every reader would enjoy this. My wife was commissioned to do a “boat portrait” last year. This is a watercolor painting of our slip neighbor’s Pearson 35. The finished product involved studying lots of photos of this model boat from different angles, followed by a number of sketches to get the scene, details, colors, and “essence” of the boat down. One of the major difficulties in this painting was getting the water to look right – it’s easy to do cheesy with water!

Hope you like this offering from Ruth’s easel.

Ruth Bailey, artist

Our landlord asked me to do a watercolor of his son-in-law’s boat, so that he could present it as a gift.  Getting a pleasing composition which was also close enough to show some of the particular details of this boat took several tries.  I also realized that this is not just a painting of a boat; it is a portrait of a boat!  It has been a difficult secret to keep, but now that the gift has been given, I can post about the painting.

Frank's Shearwater, watercolor, 14" x 21" Frank’s Shearwater, watercolor, 14″ x 21″

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