Side Benefits of Maintaining Varnish – Rigging Disaster Averted

The anchor platform on Cay of Sea is starting to look gnarly, with faded and checking varnish.  This has been on my “do” list since spring time, but I haven’t taken the time to refresh the varnish until today.  Good thing I did.  Check out these photos:

See the split pin under the furling drum?  It has almost worked it's way out of the clevis.

See the split pin under the furling drum? It has almost worked its way out of the clevis.

Here's a different view.

Here’s a different view

Several things are evident: 1) I must not have bent the legs of the pin sufficiently last time I had the forestay off, and 2) a regular routine of rig inspection would have caught the unbent legs long ago.

Close inspection of the clevis pin showed that it was working out of the hole, and the split pin was no longer protruding from the exit side of the pin hole.  It was almost out.  An hour of blustery sailing without the split pin would easily work the clevis out of the tang and stem head chainplate, and then I would be in big trouble.

This is a good argument for circular retainers in clevis pins.  Think I’ll go buy a box.  Soon.  The side benefit of circular pins is they don’t catch on clothing, skin, sails, line, etc., and don’t require rigging tape to cover up the sharp edges.

Yeah. . .  Think I’ll go get some tomorrow.  And I’m going to start checking my rig monthly.

Oh – the anchor platform looks great now too!

Now it won't come out

Now it won’t come out





  1. Great pictures and excellent reminder to check my rig. Hadn’t really thought about using circular retaining rings but I use them on the clevis pins on my tractor attachments and they’ve never come out even when plowing or bush hogging. I like the idea. Thanks.

    • It has been suggested to me before – when I complained of getting scratched or gouged by the split pins – now that I’ve been in danger of losing the rig, I finally bought a box of them yesterday, and I’ll change them out today. And check the rest of the rig at the same time.

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