Sailing on Cay of Sea: On the Way to the Watkins Rendezvous

Another installment from my wife’s cruising sketchbook – this time, images from the Watkins Rendezvous trip.

Ruth Bailey, artist

For many years my husband has been corresponding with owners of other Watkins sailboats.  With jealousy he read of them sailing to a different marina each year to meet and talk over sailing adventures, improvements to their boats, and general tall tales.  He was jealous because his work schedule prohibited him from taking the time off to join them.  One year, after being transferred to Virginia, we made plans to drive down to that year’s chosen marina, but, alas! duty again prevented us from making the trip.

My husband retired!  And since then, each year we have made the trek down the Chesapeake Bay to match the faces, personalities, and boats to the owners’ names and the projects that have been posted on the group’s website all year.

This year, 2014, the rendezvous was held at Regatta Point Marina in Deltaville, Virginia.  The trip is about ninety miles for us…

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  1. Cynthia Reuter said:

    And off we go… You are posted on Take a look. Let me know if you ever spot a problem or don’t like something. I’m open to suggestions.

    Thanks much!


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