Evening Sail in Herring Bay

We cast off after dinner.  Temperature was moderate (72 F), and on the creek, the breeze seemed unpromising.  Didn’t matter – it was a beautiful evening, and an overnight trip on board had been cancelled due to an unexpected event earlier that day.  Anyway, time on the water – breezy or not – was needed, so off we went.

As we headed out of the creek southeast toward Herring Bay, a fairly noticeable headwind greeted us – things were looking up.  We got out of the channel past the marker, and I raised sail, setting off at about 3 knots to the NE.  The wind built as we got out toward the main bay, and finally we were touching 5 knots regularly.

The sky was on fire, but my back was to it, so when we came about after a couple of miles, I asked Ruth to take a few photos.

DSC02502 DSC02503

We sailed toward the setting sun on the return trip.  Motored up the creek in the dusk, past the midweek party at the local dock bar.  Finally tying up at about 2045.

Now that was good!

  1. With you guys its never just a trip….but a grand adventure. Proud to know both of you. Tom

  2. Sweet! And you probably had the entire Bay to yourselves. I’m jealous. During the week all I do is work, eat and sleep.

    • There were a couple of boats out there, but nothing like the weekend traffic that we get.

      You guys should come with us some evening for an after-dinner sail.

  3. Your descriptions make me want to push even harder to get off the hard and back in the breeze. Thanks for the description, pictures, and motivation. I can’t wait to see your blog posts when you both cast off for the grand tour.

    • Thanks Greg. Time on the water is certainly the ultimate goal of boat projects. We are still a couple years away from casting off. We have grandkids in the area for the next several years – we know there is another transfer in the future, so we want to savour the time with them while they are here.

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