Brief Rendezvous Report

This post should actually appear before the one below.  Posting with my phone is a bit of a challenge.  This post didn’t get published, though I thought it had.  Poor signal on the Little Wicomico thwarted me.

These rendezvous reports can be boring to non-Watkins readers, so I’ll keep it short.

5 boats – Watkins yachts, that is – made it into the gathering, and one non-Watkins yacht, but a former owner and member-in-good-standing.  Each crew had their own tale of wind and waves to report.  The two prime travel days featured too much wind or rain or both and that limited the number of crews who could sail in.  Most preempted by weather drove in, so it was a good party regardless.

It was nice to meet new folks too.  New crews for both Do U Wanna and Dream Date were there with their ships, and were welcomed.

Many, many thanks to Tom the organizer this year for great ideas, fabulous food, and a wonderful location.

We talked ( a lot!) about problems and solutions, boats and sailing, engines, galleys, heads, sails, anchorages and anchoring, adventures and misadventures.  Played music, sailed together, and committed a former member to the deep during a ceremony on land and sea.

Cay of Sea was the last ship to depart this morning, making our way 25 miles north for a short day on the water.  Once again in Little Wicomico River, we’re relaxing and recovering from the weekend. Tomorrow we push north another 35 miles and one more day closer to home. Weather was reasonably good today, and though we had head winds again, they weren’t too strong nor was the chop too bad.  Forecast for next several days is favorable and we anticipate some nice sailing.






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