Solomons to Little Wicomico

As typical for us, we rose early and drank coffee for a long time.  There was no hurry to get going – foggy conditions, cooler temp.  Took a while to retrieve the two anchors – although difficult to set due to layer of very soft muck, once dug in, they were locked in clay substrate.  Hard to break out.  Under way by 1020.

We got to sail 3+ hours with good wind, first on the beam, then gradually moving forward until we couldn’t point close enough.  Next 4 hours were motoring in moderate conditions.

We made the channel entrance to little Wicomico – first inlet south of the Potomac – by 1700.  Anchors set by 1750 (2 again – I prefer sleeping to dark-of-night re-anchoring ops).  I rowed the 2nd anchor out in the dinghy, then set it with a sheet winch.  1st time I took it out about 150 yards.  Became concerned that I wouldn’t have enough line when the line paying out of the bag looked unused.  Replaced anchor closer in.  That made sense.

Ruth made a fantastic dinner, and we cleaned up as the fog and mist closed in again.  Forecast calls for a nicer day tomorrow.

35.5 nautical miles today.  No sun breaks.  60 degrees average temp.  Light mist in morning.  Afternoon visibility about 5 miles.

Typing posts and uploading photos from my phone is possible, but with random 3G availability, it’s a pain in the neck.  No photos today.  Signal too weak.

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