Deale to Solomons

Our plans for an early start were not realized.  Bed late last night made for a slow morning.  No worries.  Looks like we’re going to beat the weather anyway. Several last-minute glitches conspired against an early start.  Actually, they were because I forgot a couple readiness items.  Should have kept to the list I started weeks ago.  It was working well until a week ago. Couldn’t ask for more beautiful weather, though not much wind.  80 degrees, low humidity, clear skies.  The sun was bright, but we were glad for our Bimini and sunshades that attach.       IMG_20140513_105439243_HDR

Bimini good.

Bimini good.

We arrive at our anchorage by 1730.  Took a while to get two anchors set.  Our consistent experience at Solomons is that holding is touch and go.  It’s so silty and soft mucky that the anchors take a while to dig in well.  We’ve never dragged here, but we’re always afraid we will. We traveled 35.3 nautical miles today, and we averaged about 5 knots.

Approaching Solomons.

Approaching Solomons.

A couple views of our anchorage - the following photo included.

A couple of views of our anchorage – the following photo included.

Trawler astern of us.

Trawler astern of us.

We’re about ready to turn in – dinner and clean up done.  Maybe a little guitar playing before bed.  Check with me tomorrow.  If I have signal I’ll post again.



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