Eminent Departure

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!

We get underway tomorrow morning for Deltaville/Dozier’s Marina.  We’ve taken 3 days in the past – leisurely days, admittedly, seeing that we rarely get underway before 0930.  Tomorrow will be different, as the boat is loaded, and we are poised to leave the pier after loading cold food, backpack, guitar, and launching the dinghy for towing.  This **shouldn’t** take us long. . .   We are hoping to leave by 0700-0730.  We are hoping to travel 60 nautical miles, or so, tomorrow.  We’ll see. . .

We were concerned about bad weather, but the forecast continues to morph, and looks to be a regular summer pattern until Friday, when we get a day of rain.  We plan to be at Dozier’s by then, so let it rain.

I hope to post in transit this time, using my phone.  We’ll see how this works out.  It will depend on what sort of cell coverage we have in remote places, and if I can muster the patience to deal with the tiny keyboard.  So until next time, fair winds.


  1. Mike Crosa said:

    Have fun and enjoy the cruise. I look forward to you log entries

  2. Looks like you’re OK then. Weather Underground shows the bad rain starting around 4AM Friday morning. Worst winds from 10AM – 4PM. Friday. Probably will impact some of the other folks. Jim B. may just drive as he’s not planning on starting as early as you have and doesn’t want to fight 25mph winds and heavy seas. Hope you can post on the way to keep us apprised. Cool tech. You inspired me to start a sailing blog, such as it is. Greg W.

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