Deep Freeze

We’ve had extremely cold temperatures over the last 10 days, with the exception of Monday this week. We had a brief excursion into the 40s on Monday to usher in another cold front that clapped another spate of 10-18 degree weather on us.  Add 8 inches of snow over the last 2 weeks, and it’s beginning to feel like we may never see warm temps again.  Global warming indeed!

Below, I’ve posted a few photos of Rockhold creek covered with the latest snow fall from last night. Temperature this morning was 10 degrees (F) at 0700.  I haven’t seen any boat traffic on the creek for the entire month of January.  The ice is far too thick now to think about moving a boat through it.

A book of local history that I have mentions ice skating parties on the creek.  They must have had weather like this, but I’d want another full week of freeze-up before I ventured out there on foot.






    • The ice boating sounds fun. They go fast – talk about wind chill! I’m not brave enough to walk out there on the ice, though.

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