Fog Photos Revisited


My curiosity was prodded by a comment from Shimona (author of Shimona From The Palace) regarding images of fog on the creek I posted last month.  While I wasn’t impressed these photos, (other than a means of documenting the fog), she saw something else.  I guess that’s the way it is with images – what speaks to one person perhaps doesn’t call out to another.

I looked at these images again.  Since there was very little color in them anyway, I converted them to black & white, and processed them for a bit more contrast, with some judicial sharpening here and there.

fog2I’m much happier with the result.  Now these photos communicate a sense of mystery to me, and perhaps more.  I’m just more satisfied with the result.


Thanks to all of you who view these posts – for your comments and insights, for keeping me honest on reporting factual stuff, and for challenging my likes and dislikes.

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