Sunset Over Rockhold Creek

We had God’s blessing on us when we were looking to relocate 2.5 years ago – after a 28-year career in the Navy, we had to decide where to send our furniture for the final transfer to civilian life.  As we thought and prayed, we realized that near family is best, and we wanted to stay near the water and our boat.  Ruth’s father lives in Deale – the Maryland fishing village where we keep our boat.  So we asked our marina owner’s daughter if they would keep an eye open for rental homes in Deale.  She eagerly told us about this house her father owns that was coming vacant.  Would we be interested?  I looked at the house situated on the waterfront of Rockhold Creek and said “let me get back to you.”  Ruth and I talked and prayed, and then jumped at the opportunity to live here.

We thank God every day for this wonderful place to live.  And when we see a sunset like this over the water that silhouettes the boats against a fluorescent sky, our hearts rise in spontaneous praise and thanks.  Here’s what I mean. . .

I stitched together 3 separate photos to get this image.  Even this doesn't do it just "live."  It was a breath-taking moment.

I stitched together 3 separate photos to get this image.  Even this doesn’t do justice to the real thing.

  1. Yes that is truly a wonderful. It is great how God can move within your life. I should talk to you sometime about how you can afford this blog. I have wanted to do something similar but do not know how to go about getting started. Bless you both,
    Alan W. of Prairie Schooner

    • Thanks Allen. The blog account is free! Just go to the WordPress homepage, sign up and start poking around the web site. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly intuitive – it does take a bit of reading and experimenting – but it’s not too difficult to get a blog up and running. There are several other blog services which my please you better than WordPress, but I think they are about all equal, honestly. I think it’s more a case of what you get used to, than which is better.

      You can upgrade your blog account by paying money, and there are advantages to doing so, but I’ve not missed any of the “premium” features of the paid account – I still use the free one.

    • Thanks for viewing, Shimona. I just couldn’t believe the sky that evening.

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