November Sailing

Although we’ve overnighted for the last two weekends, the forecast for this one was a bit too cool.  We didn’t fancy spending that much time out in the cold to get anywhere, and my cabin heat situation needs some attention:  My trawler lamp is suffering from a wick that is now too short to stay in the oil reservoir.  I’ve ordered a couple of new wicks, but they aren’t here yet.  Until the new wicks arrive, our cold-weather overnighting is curtailed.

When I realized this was a problem last weekend, I also realized that I was nearly out of lamp oil for a refill.  So, while there was still a fair amount of fuel in the reservoir, I couldn’t get the wick down into it. I tried filling the reservoir with heavy, small items (marbles would have been good, but all I had available was a small set of sockets) – and remarkably. . .  that didn’t work at all.  If you ever wonder if something like that will work, just remember that a great deal of small items are required to raise the level of the liquid in the reservoir.  Not one of my best ideas. . .

Ruth was laughing at me while taking the photo - that's why it's blurry.  Yes, it was kind of a dumb idea.

Ruth was laughing at me while taking the photo – that may be why it’s a little blurry. Yes, it was kind of a dumb idea.

On a more positive note, I spent a couple of hours on the bay today in brilliant weather.  Ruth was shivery sitting in the sunroom and not inclined to spend more time out in the cool fall weather, so I went alone.  The gusty breezes called for a reduced sail plan, and I opted to sail under jib alone.  That was just about perfect.  I was never overpowered, but moved along nicely most of the time.  We pushed nearly four miles out into the bay before turning around, and we made it back to the pier just at sunset, so the timing worked out well.  Here are a few photos – the light was wonderful near sunset, and I captured some images just to record it.





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