Wrapping Up Details

I finally finished the installation of radios in my “Operations Locker.”  Both VHF and CD/Aux amplifier worked, but I have not connected the radio antenna to the AM/FM portion of the radio.  I wanted to use a VHF antenna splitter in order to use the antenna at the masthead.  It seemed silly to wire it up any other way, and there was no other arrangement that would achieve radio reception that good – the masthead is 38′ above the water, after all.

I looked at as many of these things as I could identify, and finally decided to go with the Shakespeare unit, more out of convenience than anything else.  There was one model priced lower, but with electronic gadgets, it’s nice to have a local dealer for returns if it unexpectedly goes bad.

Although I don't like buying this sort of thing at West Marine, it seemed prudent to do so with this splitter box.

Although I don’t like buying things at West Marine, it seemed prudent to do so with this splitter box.

I also took a few minutes and installed three tiny cup hooks on the inside of one of the locker doors. It’s easy to hang things like keys and hand bearing compass on these little hooks, de-clutters the locker, and makes these little items easily accessible.

It's the little things that count. . .

It’s the little things that count. . .

I also applied one of the final coats of varnish on the sliding hatch decking.  Probably one more coat would be good to get it through the winter.  Then I’ll start on the fall varnish coats for the swash boards.

We plan to cast off again tomorrow afternoon for an over-night.  I’d like to go north this time, as we’ve been across the bay twice recently.  We’ll see what the wind allows tomorrow – forecast is calling for WNW winds, but our destination is NE.  I’ll have to wait and see.



  1. Tom said:

    You’re still my hero. Keep the great ideas coming.I’m hoping to have my new galley counter installed shortly. I’ll send photos. Tom

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