Pacific Northwest Images (again)

I hope you can forgive me for posting a few more sunset photos.  We were at dinner last night, and God made sunset an event to appreciate in a special way.  Hope you enjoy my images of it – there were people pulling off the side of the road near the restaurant to view and photograph it.  The view is looking west across Birch Bay (Wa) toward Vancouver (BC).  I have straightened and cropped the photos, and edited the “look” of each photo slightly.  You can click each one for a full-sized version.  Even so, these images don’t do justice to the art of God Himself.  Enjoy.

DSC02166 DSC02162 DSC02163

  1. Davin Ernsberger said:

    I have a Watkins 27 that i am fixing up in Burgess / Ophelia Va. I saw your prop puller post and was wondering where you rented in as well as a host of other questions. I would love to get some more insider Watkins 27 info. I am very inexperienced with this boat and large boat sailing. any help would be appreciated. thanks. Davin

    • Hi David. I rented the prop puller from the local “Do It Best” Hardware store/rental center. Deale, Md (where I live) is quite a marine-oriented village, and it’s a natural thing for a rental center in this town to stock such a tool. Your average rental center may not have one. If you look at youtube, you can probably find any number of home-made designs for a prop puller. A wheel puller will work also, if sized correctly. I looked at purchasing one – they run about $60 – then found the rental puller for $8.

      You can get all kinds of information from the yahoo watkins group: This group has been exchanging information for about 12 years. I’ve been a member for about 10 years. Also, you can look through John Myers’ which is a treasure trove of Watkins-specific information and images.

      I encourage you to join the yahoo group and search the archived posts for specific questions. Over 12 years, the members have discussed just about every problem and issue you can imagine in 25k-plus posts. They are a very welcoming group of sailors, and will be very helpful.



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