Operations Locker – Part Finis

Short post on this, just a photo really.  I wanted to show you the “populated” inside of the locker.  It’s already messy!  Not really, but it could benefit from a couple of hooks for keys and a pencil/pen rack, which is just a block of wood drilled with 5-6 holes to hold writing tools, screwed to one of the doors on the inside.  And here’s the photo:

Inside view

Inside view

Next little project is to mount my multimeter/volt meter bracket and wire it into the electrical system.  This link will take you to the previous post that relates to it.

  1. Anonymous said:

    Oh, man that looks so much better than my player and radio mounted to the bulkhead. Thanks for the inspiration and I’m interested to see how the meter enclosure turns out and how you mount that. I just have an analog gauge myself and the HF separate multimeter.

    • Thanks for the very nice compliment. It was a fun project, although there were a few times when my self-image suffered as I made mistakes! Fortunately, they were almost all covered up with trim . . .

      The little teak and plywood bracket is going to be just screwed right through its plywood back into the bulkhead under the bridge deck, and beside the DC panel. I’ll then use some hook and loop material screwed to the bulkhead on either side of the bracket to hold it in place. I’ve just ordered another identical digital multimeter through Amazon – I guess this one will be the tool, and the other will just be a voltmeter for the boat. It was cheap, relatively speaking, although I was just looking for another set of leads instead of an entire meter. But the cost difference between the leads and the new meter, unbelievably, was negligible when you calculate shipping charges.

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