Operations Locker Part VI – Interior Paint and Assembly

Pecking away at the final finish, I’ve got the varnish to a point where I can apply the final coat after it’s installed on the bulkhead.  I’ve painted the interior, and today I reassembled the pieces and installed radio brackets.

Three coats of white - including primer coat.

Three coats of white – including primer coat.

Reused old VHF brackets

Reused old VHF brackets

I installed the VHF brackets, but not without modification.  See the lowest hole in the upright sections?  These are newly drilled, and hold the radio securely in the opening.  I had to use washers underneath the screw heads to ensure the screws wouldn’t penetrate all the way through.

AM/FM Radio/CD Player Bracket installed.

AM/FM Radio/CD Player Bracket installed.

Not satisfied with simply turning down the tabs, I captured these under screws and washers.  Now it holds the radio very securely.

Loose-layed shelves to assess the full effect.  You can see the radios installed now.

Loose-layed shelves to assess the full effect. You can see the radios installed now.

I assembled all the pieces and installed the radios in the openings.  It turns out that the wire chase wouldn’t work when I began to install it in the boat.  I hadn’t counted on how bulky the fuse holder is for the depth gauge, and it was very difficult to get all the wires inside the chase, then screw it down.  I finally set the chase aside, and went back to using plastic wire holders.

All put together.

All put together.

Over all, I’m pleased and surprised at how polished it looks.  I had fears that it would be mostly junk by the time I finished, as I kept making small errors, and was so displeased with how the material cut and took finish.  However, once the radios were mounted and took attention away from the lower door, once the finish was applied, and the entire project had a look of completion about it, I was pleasantly surprised.  I’m also pleased at how well the finish and color matches the rest of the interior of the boat. I got the stain color just about right.

I still have touch-up work to do on the varnish.  I got a couple of sags from the top edges at the trim which needs to be scraped and sanded and carefully revarnished.

Previewing tomorrow’s post, my installation onto the bulkhead was not without its own drama.  Once I got the cabinet mounted and stood back to see that it was straight, I noticed that the doors weren’t closing evenly.  The trim was obviously different at heights where the doors met.  What could have caused that?  It was perfect before installation. . .   Now I realize that the bulkhead isn’t completely flat, and in fact is impinging on the right-hand corner of the cabinet, pushing the structure out of square.  I had trimmed the upper right corner to fit, but apparently didn’t do enough trimming, and will have to do some more to get the structure to mount without stress.

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    Looks VERY nice!!!!

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