Pettit Hydrocoat – 2nd Year Mid-Season Report

My previous reviews of Pettit Hydrocoat can be found here and here.




Cay of Sea has been back in the water this year for about 12 weeks, and it was time to clean the hull.  I used a long-handled brush and brushed the hull (while seated in my dinghy) from the waterline down as far as I could reach.  I turned the brush over frequently to use the hard edge for scraping barnacles – but only detected two or three on the rudder.  The rest of the hull was clear of barnacles.  However, as you might expect in the Chesapeake, there was a fairly impressive amount of grunge and slime, which brushed off easily.

So I think that’s good news – no barnacles, and easily removed soft growth after 12 weeks.  I’m impressed.

I’ll post another assessment at the end of the summer, and then again when I haul out in December.

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