Improving Livability Aboard

The more we cruise, the more little annoyances we identify.  We discover that it is important to have “domestic systems” worked out so that living on board isn’t annoying.  It is often simple things that make the difference.  A few more annoyances identified from the last trip include:

  • Better organized stowage for tools and spares – even for a coastal cruiser, the amount of tools and supplies needed to stay self-sufficient threatens to occupy too much of the quick-access stowage.  I need to make common-sense decisions about tools and materials that reasonably require quick access, and stow the rest in places that are less convenient.  This will leave more room for life’s amenities and conveniences while cruising, and cut down the feeling like we are traveling in a floating workshop.
  • Another cabinet inside – for “operational gear” like radios, binoculars, GPS, hand-bearing compass, air horn, pencils and pens, log book, keys.  What we had before (I’ve just removed it, so I have to come up with something now), was an open rack 10″ x 5″ x 10″.  This was just a box with an open top and fiddles across the middle.  It was better than nothing, but not much,  and generated just the sort of jumble that I hate.  Finally, I haven’t installed a stereo because I was dissatisfied with all my location options.  This cabinet will include a dedicated space for VHF and stereo.
  • Exterior pockets for gear – mentioned in the last post, these will keep the cockpit organized and gear safe from damage while sailing.
  • Towel bars – So simple, but so necessary.  Where to hang towels after a shower?  We have one inadequate towel bar.  We need two more (adequate, not inadequate!).  Location is everything, so it will take some thought to come up with just the right location that will allow towels to dry inside the boat, but stay out of the way while doing so.  This is especially important during wet weather, as hanging them from the safety lines isn’t an option.
  1. Anonymous said:

    re: towel bars..went to WM bought 2 oak wood bathroom sets..installed a towel ring and the two bars in the head..installed the other ring in the galley area..also installed a teak medicine cabinet in the head as have plenty of accomidation in the head.

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