Watkins Rendezvous 2013 Part II

Four Watkins 27s at the pier: Stow Away and Eclipse to port; Cay of Sea and Mahalo to starboard.

Four Watkins 27s at the pier: Stow Away and Eclipse to port; Cay of Sea and Mahalo to starboard.  Tom, Paul and Rick on the pier.

Rendezvous boat count was 5 – all 27s except for Paul and Sylvia’s 33.  Several more boats were represented by drive-in participants who either made a day-trip out of it, or stayed the weekend in nearby accommodations.

What did we do at the rendezvous?  Eating, drinking and socializing occupied a great deal of time.  We shared several meals, and had one “official” dinner at a barbecue restaurant.  Sharing projects, problems, and solutions occupied a lot of conversation, and much boat visiting was done to see how things were one by different people.  I am amazed at the diversity of ideas and the practicality of applications folks have to solve similar problems.  We are all so different, and so similar too.

Unfortunately, weather for the “travel days” was very unpleasant – strong winds with gusts up to 25 and rain.  Had it not been for the bad weather, three more boats would have attended.  The next day was sunny and cool, but very windy with gusts up to 30 mph.  An all-day sail in those conditions is discouraging, and the shorter the waterline, the less likely the sailor is willing to endure the crash-and-bash involved to get somewhere.  One crew spent an entire day with strong following winds and seas, but endured a vicious corkscrew roll – that’s enough to make even a seasoned crew seasick.

We also adopted the crew of Rosemary – a Dufour 38.  Their Dutch crew was very friendly and fun.

Beautiful, settled weather prevailed on Sunday and most of the boats went sailing with extra crew. Here are a few photos, plus a couple more from other days:


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