Watkins Rendezvous 2013 – Part I

promised good weather for this year’s rendezvous. . .  I tried.  Honestly, I really tried.  Ultimately, I got it half-right.  The weekend itself was pretty good.  Although Saturday was too breezy to sail (no one left the pier in the 30 mph gusts), it was sunny and clear.  But Sunday was beautiful.  Most of the boats went day-sailing on Sunday and took extra crew with them.  So here’s a promise for next year:  I will try for good weather on the travel day(s) and the rendezvous weekend.

Kudos to our organizer, Tom.  Thanks for all your work and effort putting this together Tom.  Thanks again to our forebearers Paul and Jim for 10 years’ worth of organized rendezvous.  You passed the torch – I mean rum bottle – to the new crew.

Bottle veiled.

Paul with shrouded rum

Rum revealed

Rum revealed

Rum passed on

Rum passed on – seems to have found an appreciative recipient

Pot-luck dinners are the best.  The food is always better than a restaurant, the service perfect, conversation easier, atmosphere better, new friendships fun, and entertainment more entertaining.

New Friends – Crew of Rosemary

Old Friends

We even had a band

Disclaimer – I didn’t meet every person, nor learn every name, but many of you reading will recognize them, or yourselves.  Similarly, I didn’t try to photograph every person there.  Sorry for the omissions.

More to come in Part II. . .

  1. Tom and Dale "Eclipse" W27 Moon, VA said:

    You’re the best Rick. Dale and I left Monday morning and headed South. We made it to the Salt Pond near Ft. Monroe the first night, Portsmouth the second and the Dismal Swamp Visitors’ Center next. Dale couldn’t have been more excited if we had gone to the South Pacific. The swamp canal was a wonderful experience. I have never seen a more “boat-friendly” town than Elizabeth City, NC. Free slips, Free wine, beer and snacks each night put on by the “Rose Buddies”. The Mayor stopped by to greet us as well. The town is now in the process of putting free free restrooms and showers next to the dock. Farm Fresh supermarket even sends a car to the dock to pick you up when you call. We’ll be back.

  2. Glad you had a good trip. I’ve always heard good things about Elizabeth City. Are you home now?

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