Project Baby Steps

On and off travel plans have made progress slow recently.  We did finally get away for three days, returning just yesterday, and I am gradually making progress towards finishing up these projects.

Although I intended to simplify the engine compartment cover installation by securing the corners with screws, I decided to make engine access quicker by holding the corners down with turn-buttons. To that end, I epoxied wood blocks behind the engine compartment face to serving as backing blocks for the through-bolted buttons.

Glued and clamped in place.

Glued and clamped in place.


I also glued backing blocks to accept screw portions of a hook-and-eye set for each side of the ladder. I began to reform the teak blocks which originally secured the ladder to the engine compartment, but it seemed like a lot of reshaping of little wood pieces for a securing system I was never fond of anyway – the original system incorporated two blocks on either side of the ladder.  A clevis pin was passed through ladder and the securing blocks.  It did work and it was strong and secure, but the holes were difficult to line up, and it just wasn’t attractive.  It wore ever larger holes on either side of the ladder and there was no system for securing the inboard side of the pin.  They just stayed via friction – but not very well.  I was always pushing them home when they would work part way out.

Abandoning this old system came about by asking myself how I could simplify it.  Why wouldn’t a hook-and-eye on either side of the ladder work?  Off to the hardware store, where I found these.

Simple is good.

Simple is good

I think I can install them so that they fit tightly and don’t rattle while the engine runs.  Accessing the engine compartment is then a breeze – flip up the two hooks and lift the ladder out of the way, turn the buttons and remove the engine compartment cover: engine access in less than 15 seconds.  Well, that’s my plan anyway.  We’ll see how it works out.

I also sanded level and re-puttied the cockpit sole repair.  I may have one more session of putty and sanding, then will sand the entire cockpit sole for repainting, and I hope to reseal the margins of the sole as well.

Ready for another round of sanding and leveling.

Ready for another round of sanding and leveling.

  1. Anonymous said:

    I’ve got the hook & eye on my companionway ladder. No complaints here. Did you add any sound dampening/insulation to the engine room? I’ve been considering such a project.Ryan – Miss Marisol

  2. Ryan, the port and starboard bulkheads have mylar-backed 1 inch foam insulation on them. I haven’t added anymore, but would like to. At some point – not now, as this project season is pretty far advanced – I want to add some sound-deadening to the overhead. That’s probably the most I can do. As you know, the engine compartment is open all the way to the transom, and it’s impractical to cover all of that with foam.

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