Engine Alignment

Moving the engine into the compartment was relatively easy compared to the alignment.  No photos with this post, just whining.

Generally, the maintaining the adjustments at the same setting made remounting and aligning the engine easier by far.  When I got the engine into position, it wasn’t far off at all.  It was the fine adjustment that took most of the time.

Nudging the engine back into position over the mounting holes was not difficult.  One problem arose with one set of two original holes not lining up – how did that happen?  I figured it out later, as I couldn’t get the engine aligned either, nor could I seem to get it to move to the right position for alignment.   Here’s why:

I rebuilt one side of the engine bed – as nearly the way it was before as possible – but it wasn’t just the same.  One side of the bed protruded farther than the original, and came in contact with the engine.  I finally saw this, and recognized it as the problem.  With my angle grinder and vibrating tool, I shaved off 3/16 of an inch, which allowed me to move the engine into alignment.  That sentence makes it sound easy. . .  When I got the engine “aligned” I torqued the mounting lag screws to hold the engine secure to the bed.  That changed the alignment.  So I released the screws again, adjusted the right-left again, raised the back of the engine by a quarter-to-half turn of the adjusting nuts – and still it wasn’t exactly perfect.  I finally compromised – realizing that the shaft also drops a very small amount after exiting the shaft log – I got the right-left alignment pretty much dead on, and the flange face (up-down alignment) is within .004 of an inch.  Not perfect (all the “authorities” specify tolerance of .002″) but pretty close.  Anyway, the alignment might change when the boat is launched.  Perhaps for the better!  I may check it again after launching, but I’ll need a little time to heal from all this time spent crouched behind the engine.  This occupied all day, except for the last 45 minutes, during which I bolted up the coupling.

Today I’ll reinstall the prop and reconnect the engine.  I hope to test run the engine today.


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