Bright, Clean Paint

Today was the day to complete the engine compartment renovation, and I celebrated with a coat of Bilgekote gray.  The glass and epoxy are finished, the surfaces clean and sanded, ready for paint.  So here are the before and after photos:

Dirty, and 32 year-old paint - what's left of it.

Dirty, and 32 year-old paint – what’s left of it.

Under-engine slime reservoir.

Under-engine slime reservoir.

Drum roll please:

Amazing transformation

Amazing transformation

The walls of the compartment are shiny-sided insulation that needs to be wiped down to get the dust off of it.  So all that remains to do in here is drill the hole to anchor the starboard rear engine mount, then reinstall the prop shaft and remount the engine.

While the paint was drying inside, I worked outside on the waterline and poorly painted boat stand patches from last year’s launch.  The yard thoughtfully placed the stands in a different place this year, so I could paint them with a good coat before relaunch.

If you apply the paint, then launch right away, this happens.  Probably little that can be done about it - at least they paint!

If you apply the paint, then launch right away, this happens. Probably little that can be done about it – at least they paint!

Waterline touch up and boat stand patches repainted.

Waterline touch up and boat stand patches repainted.

Tomorrow: prop shaft.




  1. S/V Finally, W-33, Old Point Comfort Marins, and Paul from Atlanta said:

    Congratualtions, it looks great. Now stop raising the bar your over achiever!! :-) . I’m still sitting here in Atlanta, as weather and personnel commitments have kept me here longer that I like. Heck, now that you have all your stuff done, perhaps you can drive down and work on my boat! (LOL) Really like what you have done and how informative and entertaining your post have been. So glad you are part of the Watkins Yahoo site group. I hope/plan on heading up the 15th to start my work. First is to flush out the freshwater side of the engine and pull the heat exchanger and de-winterize the water systems. OPCM (Old Point Comfort Marina) does not turn the water back on until the 15th.

    • Well, thanks for the nice comments – this batch of spring projects is feeling more like work the longer it stretches out. The weather has been very uncooperative, and I’ve had a pretty bad cold for the last 10 days – so I often just don’t feel like doing anything but taking cold drugs and blowing my nose!

      But I’ve gotten into the mess of interlocked projects, and I just have to see them through until the boat is reassembled. Now I only have to drill one hole, seal all the bolt holes with epoxy, reassemble and reinstall the prop shaft (took me all afternoon yesterday to get it apart and clean up the pieces), then remount the engine. When that’s done and aligned, I still have to install the new rudder bracket, which is another multi-step task.

      As for over-achieving, I think the appropriate term is over-reaching, because it sometimes feels like the next task is just beyond my grasp!

      It’s funny to think about all this labor, and know that it’s all hidden! Nothing outward to really show for all my work this spring.

  2. Jan Sopoci said:

    Outstanding job, as always, Rick!

    • Thanks Jan! I’m looking forward to looking back on all the hard labor involved.

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