Work Started – And Postponed – Engine Bed Repair

Project/Repair:  Remove rotted wood from engine bed on starboard side aft, repair with epoxy, drill and tap for new stud to secure engine mount.

Finally got a break in the weather yesterday and spent some quality time in the engine compartment. Temps were mid-40s and sunny, so I wasn’t cold in the least – in fact, I actually broke a sweat with the exertion of climbing and contorting in and out of the engine room.

I removed the water lift muffler and emptied into a bucket – contents were 90 percent antifreeze. Apparently, it had not been thoroughly emptied or cleaned when I had the boat repowered, because it had a layer of rusty metal fragments on the bottom of it from the old engine’s heat exchanger.  I dumped it out, rusty fragments and all, and set it aside.  This opened up clear access to the area I needed to work on.

I propped the aft of the engine with a wood block and removed the two bolts securing the engine mount.  I must have got the engine support just about right, because the bolts turned easily after breaking them free (I would have stopped if they hadn’t).  However, I will need a scissor jack to reinstall the engine mount and align the coupling.

After uncoupling the engine from the mount, I tested the bolt in question – the one that lets the mount vibrate – and sure enough, it was not possible to snug it down.  The bolt spins – slowly and with difficulty, but it doesn’t pull down snug.  At that point I climbed out of the engine room, closed up the boat and went home to inventory my tools, and confirmed that I don’t have a drill bit big enough to excavate that hole.  So now I need to determine what kind of bit I should use, and the size.

Pretty exciting, huh?  And today. . . is rainy.  100 percent chance of rain, so nothing will get done on this project today!

  1. Anonymous said:

    went through this last year when I changed out all the mounts..used a cut down 3/4″ woodbit for the drill out..filled the hole with a mixture of epoxy resin and teak saw dust..redrilled the far so good!!

    • Glad to hear of someone who has done it. There aren’t many narratives out there on folks who have done it, although I’m sure it’s a common place repair.

      I am plan to fill the holes with thickened epoxy (colloidal silica), then drill and tap the holes.

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