Too Cold For Boat Projects

This is only my third post for January.  Far off from my usual 8-10 posts per month  Why?  No recent sailing – Cay of Sea is hauled for the winter.  There are winter projects to complete but, I haven’t done any work on those either.  Time just hasn’t been right.  Holiday interruptions, then recovering from holidays, then a quick trip to Florida for a family reunion brings me home just in time for this:

DSC_1869The outdoor temp is the lower number.  There is no useful work to be done in weather like this.  It’s too cold to take off gloves.  Too cold to climb into the engine room, or even up the ladder to the cockpit. Just too cold to do anything outside.  The weather man says the cold temps will last to the beginning of next week, then we’ll have a break.  In the mean time, I can plan the work and stay warm inside.

Oh – the upper number?  That’s reads the inside temp, but don’t be alarmed.  First thing in the morning, when this photo was taken, we are warming up the house from our overnight temp of 60 degrees.  This unit sits on our kitchen window sill and always reads low compared to the rest of the house.

Hope you are all staying warm too!

  1. You think that is too cold? Try -5F for a daytime high temp or an overnight low of -18F or colder. This is in southern MN and were the temps before the cold front went all the way east to grace you with it’s cold temps. However the Artic areas are “warmer”!

    • Yeah, I knew when I wrote that that someone from the upper mid-west would chime in and out-do me. Still, I’m not taking my gloves off outside!

      Wish I had an indoor site to work on the boat. That would be sweet!

      • I actually do have the boat stored indoors. But it is not a fully heated space so it is a little warmer than outside, say 20 degrees, due to the buildings insulation but the concrete floor is really cold. It is a nice space to do some stuff in but I prefer having the boat next to the house for any more serious work during the warm weather.

      • 20 Degrees is still pretty cold. Hope you are able to warm it up from there when you do work on the boat.

      • Pretty big building with my stall being 18′ by 50′ and many more things in there in winter. I have done some stuff in there in early winter/late fall but I generally don’t get back to it till April or so. Last year we did nothing to the boat. I was too busy fixing stuff in the house and I still am busy with the house. However some of the home projects have taught me about subjects pertaining to what we desire to add to the boat.

  2. Jan Sopoci said:

    Ok, Alan, ya beat me, temp. wise!!!! Here in Chicago, we’ve been in single digits for a few days, although struggling up into the teens (for highs).

    • Yeah, I know Jan. I wasn’t trying to beat out anyone, actually mostly griping about it. I hate it here the few weeks a year when the temps stay around or below 0F for a daily high. Once my wife retires(that’s when the boat must be ready!) we may go south or southwest for wintering. The lakes to sail here are interesting and usually quite a challenge to keep up with wind changes both in direction and strength and not finding the bottom while you are speeding along whooping it up. Yeah, I have done it! What does depth sounder mean???

      • Depth sounder? Oh yeah – that’s the long heavy thing that hangs down underneath the boat! I use it that way too.

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